Friday, February 11, 2022

Shane Talks - Episode 61: Jason Talks Musical Movies!

 Jason kicks Shane off the show again, so that he can bring on passionate group of people who love musical movies.  Joining Jason this week is Samantha Northart, Chris Schneider, and Chris Meek.  The group talks about their favorite film adaptations, the films that got it wrong, and the results of voting on the Facebook Community Poll.

Each of our guests this week also has their own personal projects to promote.

Samantha is an Actor and Co-Creator/Host of the non-profit Pup Pals which helps rescue and foster animals nationwide:

Chris Schneider is currently promoting the Broadway Across America show of "Pretty Woman" in Indianapolis:

And Chris Meek promotes his bi-weekly online sketch comedy show "Forgot to Mute" which airs on The Trident Network on Twitch:

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