Monday, January 10, 2022


It's 2022, and we decided to launch a NEW-BRANDED Shane Talks Website.
Tapping into the Blog layout that both Shane and Jason used over fifteen years ago, it's a nice and fun way to organize our videos, and allow us to provide a little more content.

It's possible that you will be able to read movie reviews here, in the future.

We've got links on the right, where you can join our Facebook Group so you can chat and interact with our polls and questions, you can also quickly access our YouTube page, our Spotify page, and even check us out on the IMDb.

We'll be posting our Shane Talks videos here, we'll post Jason Talks episodes when he takes over.  We will also be posting the new short-form videos Shane Talks '99, where ever week Shane looks at the films that were released in 1999.

Also, if you haven't seen our Intro Video, I just updated it with a couple new pictures because I love the images of Jason and I wish our lightsabers.  Micah Scott Winters wrote the music for us, and he nailed it!!!  I absolutely love watching this intro, every... single... time...

Well, WELCOME to the new website, and thank you for checking us out!

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