Friday, August 28, 2020

Shane Talks - Episode XIV: Always Be My Affleck

 This week, Shane and Jason look over the entire career of Ben Affleck, going through every one of his acting roles as well as discussing the four films that he has directed.  Shane discusses his current obsession with finding a copy of "Going All the Way" and how Shane watched an old Ben Affleck film for the first time this week, after it was recommended by Jae Hampton.

In a new section at the end of the episode, Shane and Jason introduce a new part of the podcast called "What Was Watched this Week", where they give their spoiler-free thoughts on "The New Mutants".

Friday, August 21, 2020

Shane Talks - Episode XIII: THIRTEEN Ghosts

 Shane put up a poll on the Shane Talks Facebook Group, asking everyone to vote for as many ghosts as they enjoyed in films.  On this episode, Shane and Jason take a look at the thirteen ghosts who got the best votes.  The also tangent off on some of the ghosts they realized were missing from the poll, as well as addressing the sad reality of Jeffery Jones and how some of his best films are tainted by his off-screen lifestyle choices.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Shane Talks - Episode XII: Lookin' For Some Direction

 In this episode, Shane is joined by Jason L. Maier and Jason Richardson, as they dive into a post Jason Richardson made on the Shane Talks Facebook page, that started a long conversation about favorite directors.  The three of them break down seventeen top directors lists, and debate their good films versus their bad films, and how they feel about various directors' careers.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Shane Talks - Episode XI: The "Scream" Effect

 On this episode, Shane is joined by his regular co-host Jason L. Maier and Evan Miller to discuss how "Scream" changed the horror genre in the 90s, and then discuss the film that followed and their attempts to capture the magic of "Scream".  Some tangents include classic horror, horror remakes, and the different genres of horror.