Friday, May 29, 2020

Shane Talks - Episode V: Five Dolla Bin, Y'all

 Shane and Jason L. Maier take a backseat to Jason Richardson this week, and allow him to share all of the DVDs and Blu-rays he has picked up at the WalMart Five Dollar Bin.  Shane and Jason then retort with their willingness to spend their own five dollars on that film.  An episode that was supposed to make fun of Jason Richardson's collection, actually turned out to show how many great deals he has gotten.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Shane Talks - Episode IV: May the Fourth Be With You

 It's STAR WARS DAY!  More correctly, it was on the night we recorded this episode.  To celebrate the Nerd Holiday, Shane was joined by Jason L. Maier, Dave Maier, Andrew Maier, Jae Hampton, Samir Samoris, and Chris Meek.  They discuss each of the trilogies, their first "Star Wars" memories, theatrical experiences, and flaws in the franchise.  Samir and Chris also show off some of the toys in their collections.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Shane Talks - Episode III: Trilogies

 For the third time, Shane is joined by Jason L. Maier, Jason Richardson and Chris Ward to talk about film trilogies.  Classics, Action/Adventure and Comic Books get the majority of the screen time this week, and much like "Return of the King", this episode just doesn't know when to end.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Shane Talks - Episode II: Sequels

 In this episode, Shane is joined by Jason L. Maier, Jason Richardson, and Chris Ward returning from Episode I, and has added Dave Maier and Brandon Simpson to this second episode where all things Sequels are discussed.  From sequels that turned out better than their first film, to sequels that were mediocre, to sequels that should have never happened - it's all covered.  Join us as we learn about Jason Richardson's "Five Dollar Bin" Purchases, and explore which sequels we really enjoy.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Shane Talks - Episode I: 1999

 In this video, Shane is joined by Jason L. Maier, Jason Richardson, Andy Galligan, and Chris Ward as they discuss the theatrical film releases of 1999. Looking back on the films and how they have held up over time, and which films influenced them over the years. The films they liked, the films they hated, the controversies from that year, and some reflections on their movie-going experiences.